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A variety of goose busting techniquesThe drone isn’t used alone

SubscriptionsGo to the Subscriptions Centre to manage your:My ProfileColin Innes, the director of public works and utilities with the city of Nelson, says city staff fly the drone close to the ground toward the geese which chases them off.”When you use the drone canada goose outlet, you’ll chase them off, and they’ll disappear for the majority of the day.”This is the second year the city has used a drone.A variety of goose busting techniquesThe drone isn’t used alone. Workers also use bangers and screamers a small gun that can make a variety of different noises. They also use a turf sweeper that can sweep up goose droppings and chase geese away.Municipalities across Canada have employed tactics against the mischief making birds from egg sterilization to green lasers.Ottawa uses egg sterilization, drone to control geese populationSo far, Innes says the drone has been effective, and the geese haven’t attempted to attack the drone something that has happened elsewhere and been well documented online.This is a still from drone footage of a goose attacking a drone the subject of many viral videos. (Dynamic Filmz/YouTube)Cheap and effective, for nowInnes says the drone is cost effective, especially compared to other solutions like applying a chemical deterrent on the grass.”The price of buying some of the chemical deterrents can be in excess of the price of a drone, and you’d have to apply [the chemicals] a number of times and purchase them again.”

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