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„So he looks at my mother, and he says, ‚What’s going on

„The color went out of my father’s face,” said Junior. „So he looks at my mother, and he says, ‚What’s going on.’ He was as serious as can be. We were taught that’s not the way. We were raised that’s not the way. We take care of ourselves. We don’t turn to the police. In that neighborhood, in Howard Beach, that’s what’s instilled in you. That’s the way we were raised. So we all bonded together. We all took care of each other. We were all raised along those lines and that’s the way you go into that life. All the people that you look up to, who you try to emulate, that’s what they were in. They were in that life.”

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canada goose store Parenthood una sensazione di completezza. Esso un tessuto di filo di ricordi. Ricordi di tempi felici e tristi, di dolore e di gioia. Parenthood un’attivit continua, un processo in s. Parenthood processo irreversibile. Tutti prendono nascita, crescere, invecchiare e finalmente trovare la pace in Dio. Questo un ciclo di vita umano, che non pu essere alterato, perci parenting processo. Una volta che un genitore, un padre per sempre. Parenting processo aiuta a evolvere una persona, come un bambino, come un genitore e soprattutto come un essere umano. canada goose store

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