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„World IPv6 Launch marks a watershed moment in Internet

The IPv6 launch site has a bunch of reactions from leading IT companies. „Last year’s industry wide test of IPv6 successfully showed that the global adoption of IPv6 is the best way to keep web devices communicating in the future. Permanently enabling IPv6 is vital to keeping the Internet open and ensuring people stay connected online as the number of web users and devices continues to grow.”, said Jay Parikh, VP of Infrastructure Engineering at Facebook. Vint Cerf, Chief Internet Evangelist at Google had this to say about IPv6 implementation. „World IPv6 Launch marks a watershed moment in Internet history. It breaks the limits of the original address space to open a vast new territory, trillions upon trillions of times larger, and reinforces the end to end architecture that made the Internet so powerful at the beginning. Google strongly supports this upgrade. We’re happy to see that everyone is moving to the 21st century Internet!”

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