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Yafai reclaimed the centre of the ring and landed a couple of

As well as generally raising the level of competition for specialist large format print service providers, this trend has led to them being undercut by litho printers offering prices based on offset printing cost models that did not allow for the more complex finishing and shipping/installation that are frequently required with large format work. Even if the under pricing litho printers subsequently exit the large format market, once rates have been depressed it is difficult for surviving print service providers to raise them again.

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Designer Fake Bags She recoiled, but stayed on her feet. How was she still standing!Sanchez deserved a medal for her heroics and she actually went after Taylor in the ninth, even though she was still taking punishment.Her surviving 10 rounds under such a barrage from Taylor was a victory in itself, but there was no doubting the winner and Ireland’s newest world champion.Earlier, Kal Yafai beat Sho Ishida by a unanimous points decision to retain his WBA super flyweight title and maintain his 100 per cent record.Yafai was too accurate and busy for them game Ishida as the Birmingham fighter comfortably came through the second defence of his crown at the Principality Stadium.He dictated the fight from the centre of the ring to pepper the challenger’s ribs with body shots.The judges were impressed and scored the fight 118 110, 116 112 (twice) as Yafai moved to 23 0.The Birmingham fighter evaded Ishida’s longer reach to land the cleaner shots in the opening two rounds before the challenger came back in the third.Yafai reclaimed the centre of the ring and landed a couple of body shots, although the Japanese had some success with his jab.Those were isolated shots and Yafai was in control, even though Ishida caught him flush on the side of the face with a stinging shot in the seventh.Yafai continued to pepper Ishida’s body in the eighth and the challenger retaliated with a low blow to bring a warning from referee Howard Foster Designer Fake Bags.

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